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Highlight for Album: Commercial
Product and brand photography with the emphasis on creating iconic imagery.

Created on 06/28/10, last changed on 07/03/10. This album contains 21 items.
Highlight for Album: People in Places
People in Places
Images from my journeys around the world.

Last changed on 11/04/08. This album contains 73 items.
Highlight for Album: Headshots
Specialized portraits with one goal in mind: to make you stand out in a crowd. The headshot is an actor's business card. It should be simple, direct, and honest. It should also grab the viewer and hold their attention. Click to see pricing for my headshot photo package.

Created on 07/23/07, last changed on 03/05/14. This album contains 24 items.
Highlight for Album: Glamour and Model Portfolio
Glamour and Model Portfolio
More dramatic than the average portraits, my glamour photos seek to glorify the beauty of the female face and form. I use exotic lighting and compositions in these works. Click to see pricing for my portrait and glamour photo packages.

Last changed on 07/07/10. This album contains 32 items.
Highlight for Album: Pregnancy
I aim to sensitively record in photos this uniquely beautiful time in a woman's life. Click to see pricing for my maternity photo package.

Last changed on 11/21/10. This album contains 16 items.
Highlight for Album: Performers
Creative portraits for promoting ensemble and solo entertainers. Click to see pricing for my photo packages for bands and musicians.

Last changed on 02/15/13. This album contains 7004 items.
Highlight for Album: Hamilton
Photographs of my hometown: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Last changed on 07/01/09. This album contains 16 items.
Highlight for Album: Portraits
My goal is to capture the essence of the subject in light and shadow, to illustrate and convey their personality and style in a flattering way. Click to see pricing for my portrait packages.

Last changed on 03/19/08. This album contains 30 items.
Highlight for Album: Nature
Nature is full of inspiration and beauty, just waiting for a photographer to discover.

Last changed on 10/16/10. This album contains 35 items.
Highlight for Album: Artistic and Conceptual
Artistic and Conceptual
These photos were taken for no other reason than to attempt the creation of art. Most of them express some kind of concept or feeling. It is up to you to decide what it is.

Last changed on 01/09/09. This album contains 57 items.

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