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From: Mickey87 (Mon Mar 7 14:39:32 2005)
beautiful picture.
a little noughty and with lots of expression.
like it a lot.
From: fairywings_kate (Mon May 23 17:00:25 2005)
It shows real passion and emotion that is difficult to explain in the eyes. Thrilling picture, sends chills up and down my spine.
From: aaidaa (Thu Jun 2 12:33:04 2005)
it's hard to say what he is thinking about
From: misterious (Thu Nov 24 14:16:42 2005)
a very beautiful and misteruious picture... hes got a very sensuell look :)
From: christina (Wed Dec 14 23:46:43 2005)
it almost looks as if he's creating himself, with the way his hands are holding his face. very nice.
From: b3x (Sun Jan 15 15:46:49 2006)
I know what you mean in the above comment - it sort of looks like he is sculpting his own cheeks and face with his hands. Absolutely beautiful.
From: mark (Fri May 5 05:13:26 2006)

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