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cold hearted

cold hearted

From: sep. (Fri Feb 17 17:18:20 2006)
From: person (Sat Feb 18 13:57:48 2006)
nasty were did u get a heart?
From: (Sun Feb 19 07:31:22 2006)
From: TMM (Tue Feb 28 13:12:58 2006)
Nice... cut out the heart and it will be brill!
From: b3x (Wed Mar 15 16:17:41 2006)
awesome. art doesn't have to be 'pretty' to be beautiful. this is gruesome but beautiful also at same time. i like very much.
From: (Sat Mar 18 08:43:53 2006)
kie es eso!! ¬¬ wenu.. serapio... linda pic (y)
From: sean (Sat Apr 1 23:28:59 2006) the title, very literal!
oh and who cares where the heart came from?!?! great shot
From: Tatiana (Wed Apr 12 07:32:04 2006)
I love this picture at fisrt i was like OMG That is so weird and disgusting but now i simply cannot stop admiring it....In other words this photo is butifull it is very deap and meaningful
From: Kiki (Sun Apr 30 02:07:24 2006)
Me, myself and I have a problem to look longer at the picture than even 5 seconds. Is that art ???
From: flystar (Sun May 7 11:16:58 2006)
From: krazy (Mon May 8 22:10:11 2006)
wow... that is the only word that comes to mind
From: Sara! (Mon May 15 14:39:41 2006)
I love this. It's very straight-forward and blunt. I love how the lighting shows the different shades of the heart. Wonderful.
From: Grafter (Mon May 22 12:19:02 2006)
I am the one templari and a don´t like this photos, you are the lucifer
From: pharma boy (Thu May 25 17:22:27 2006)
wow! i m usetoo to c heart surgury, pics and etc.. but this kind of image is amazing, i dont know where from photographer brings ideas. is it great? no, its greatest...
From: la gamberra (Mon Jun 19 20:10:14 2006)
no mames mano estas cabron eh! pero definitivamente esta es mi favoita es como hecha para mi, ja. la luz la posisión, todo esta perfectamente alculado, yummie, me agrada demasiado caray! muy bien men! y OLÉ!!!
From: abyss (Sun Jul 2 20:13:39 2006)
Absolutely astonishing. Its experimentalism and symbolism is undeniably beautiful. perhaps one of the most beautiful and meaningful photos I've ever seen in my life
From: Drafter (Thu Aug 3 12:58:01 2006)
Revenge is best surved cold!!!
From: Holli. (Fri Sep 8 11:15:39 2006)

it may be a little scary, but its still beautiful
From: lari (Wed Sep 13 15:32:20 2006)
oh god... is this a real heart?
From: ... (Tue Oct 10 12:34:11 2006)
love the other fotos... but these last to...disgusting!
From: mietkiesia (Thu Oct 19 14:39:48 2006)
real heart and very clean picture.. great
From: Nicol (Fri Oct 20 23:17:52 2006)
hello u'm from chile,
i love this photo....
me gusta como entra la luz me gusta la luz de tus fotos, esta bien enfocada y muy bien diseñada...=)

me gusta esta porque es como yo ..
From: Nadja (Sun Oct 22 10:41:01 2006)
i like this pictures, too!

ganz tolle aufnahmen, die objekte sind mit viel feingefühl ausgewählt! klasse!!^^
From: ___ (Thu Nov 30 16:41:33 2006)
I don't know what it is, but I just can't stop looking at this pic...
From: sammi (Mon Mar 19 10:17:41 2007)
favourite in this genre
From: Angel (Thu Aug 23 21:14:50 2007)
Yeah that's a real heart, not sure if it's a human heart or an animal heart but it's real. And I love these last two pictures :)
From: Nieves (Sat Aug 30 07:17:36 2008)
I think that this is a different way of art. I don't really like blood or things like that, but I love the way two colours, two temperatures, two textures, are mixed in this picture. It's art, even if we don't like it.
Nice job.

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