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From: Oana (Sun Aug 21 16:06:27 2005)
Gorgeus...i like a lot the shadows that he created
From: Ethan (Thu Sep 15 22:45:54 2005)
I love it; I have it as my desktop.
From: roxane (Sat Sep 17 12:54:51 2005)
shape is amazing good job
From: the ultimate commenter (Sun Oct 2 06:20:39 2005)
wow, i love this photo, i found it on the web while doing an art piece for school a while ago and now i found it here. its great, i love the shadow affect. it caught my attension cos i have it as my desktop picture , i see somone else does too, well done, a great piece of work
From: Michelle (Tue Oct 4 19:29:51 2005)
The lighting is perfect. It reminds me of drawing the highlights with charcoal on black paper. It brings such a different look as opposed to the dark outline we often see.
From: jake (Wed Oct 5 08:59:34 2005)
Very nice work with the rimlighting. I think cropping it a bit tighter on top would add intrigue. Is the brown space on the left intentional? You have such deep blacks in your other shots.

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