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erica - kicks.jpg

erica - kicks.jpg

From: someone passing by (Mon Aug 22 06:26:53 2005)
I love the grace in a girl's feet! the silky, overwhelming legs topeed by shy little bits of toes! miam!
From: Jean-François (Mon Jan 30 10:26:40 2006)
So simple, and yet efficient. Bravo.
From: (Fri Feb 3 02:00:35 2006)
I'm not sure if this is memory...fantasy or both?
But it's sunday morning and she's looking back over her shoulder saying, "So whadda we do today?"
And her legs.. her feet..
From: mark (Fri May 5 05:15:58 2006)
really makes you think, i am not sure of what yet but i am sure that i will work it out.
From: anonymous. =) (Tue Oct 24 09:34:26 2006)
again, yet another nice and sensous touch in your work. the curvatures and lighting is beautiful but you could try the picture landscape, portraying the length of the leg.
From: Gerlof (Thu Dec 7 17:11:54 2006)
No need to change anything! it looks good, i love the fact that by not showing the rest you make people think about the rest, perfect picture

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