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From: femme-lover (Mon Aug 22 06:16:07 2005)
this curve, the mystery of a woman's hip is an erotic masterpiece
From: the ultimate commenter (Sun Oct 2 06:26:42 2005)
this is just great
From: Michelle (Tue Oct 4 19:24:56 2005)
this one really doesnt stike me.
From: jake (Wed Oct 5 09:09:40 2005)
Great shot, leaving so much to the imagination.
From: b3x (Sun Jan 15 15:48:40 2006)
I absolutely love it! I would love to see a follow-up pice - same pose without the jeans and just showing the downwards curve, just enough to still be leaving as much to the imagination. Beautiful and quirky image here, though.
From: Lisi (Sat Feb 4 05:50:51 2006)
Could you possibly be so kind as to let me know the make of these jeans? - I've fallen in love
From: c joli (Sun Jun 18 06:45:51 2006)
ms on aimerai on voir pe plus
From: KB (Tue Sep 12 02:55:59 2006)
From: greg (Fri Sep 15 16:35:08 2006)
That is an awsome photo. But I'm a man and need you to take a picture with the jeans off and down a little
From: Holli (Fri Oct 20 11:55:43 2006)
oh my. this is the most awesome picture ever. i've fallen in love with them.
From: Rachael (Mon Mar 12 18:59:42 2007)
I really like this, I think that that is the most sensual part of a woman and having the woman clothed really made the picture classy instead of sleazy.

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