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descent - femme elemental

descent - femme elemental

From: Melanie (Sat Apr 23 23:36:29 2005)
I'm making this as one of my favorites. I don't know why, but there is just something about this photo that I really like. Maybe it's the pose, or, is that a corset she's wearing? Well, I love this.
From: Audrey (Fri May 20 02:25:08 2005)
Merci pour cette photographie trés parlante.
From: fairywings_kate (Mon May 23 17:14:36 2005)
I love how you mixed the princess-like corset with the ounky peircings. Very lovely, one of my new favorites.
From: Michele (Wed Jun 22 16:46:25 2005)
I think light is very important, not model, not corset. Beautiful photo. Ciao
From: phx (Sun Aug 7 05:08:31 2005)
am i allowed to swear on this site?? Come on! i can do better than that.... MAGNIFICENT, SPECTACULAR, BEAUTIFULLY SINISTER, it reminds me of swells in the ocean.
From: Fire_elemental (Thu Aug 11 20:22:44 2005)
Details... piercings, background, dress, lips, pose, perfect skin, shoulder... all beautiful (kisses to the model) and gratz to u ;)
From: someone wandering by (Mon Aug 22 06:05:30 2005)
the technique is good, the composition is near perfect. But the girl is what makes us stop and think. Bravo to the angel!
From: someone taking time to stay around (Mon Aug 22 06:07:55 2005)
michele is right: light is a winner in this one
From: She who shall not yet be named for now . (Sun Sep 11 10:05:44 2005)
You're damn good .
Jolly good sir .
From: Lisa frrom Germany (Sat Sep 24 03:54:04 2005)
Yesterday I found you web adress. I take a look at your photos and they´re realy really good. i like to photograph, and some of my pictures are good, bit you are better than me, much better.
your moldels look so sexy on every picture.
From: the ultimate commenter (Sun Oct 2 06:30:09 2005)
From: caz (Sun Oct 2 14:43:34 2005)
im 14 and wen i look @ this picture i see a 2 faced person...shes feminine and gentle yet the piercings show an agressive side.
Beautiful !!
From: JFH (Mon Jan 30 10:01:10 2006)
Jolis contrastes de lumière, jolie attitude. Merci
From: Izzie (Thu Apr 6 18:03:58 2006)
Once again you have showen a Beautiful masterpiece. I love the way you catch the powerful emotion of something so simple. PS LOve the corset
From: Passionaite Friend of The Dark (Izzie) (Thu Apr 6 18:54:11 2006)
Once again you have showen a Beautiful masterpiece. I love the way you catch the powerful emotion of something so simple. PS LOve the corset
(same person)
From: yara (Sat Jul 8 17:58:49 2006)
what i like bout this pic is the contradiction, due to the combination of the piercings and the corset. plus, the soft light adds elegance to it, so a passionate atmoshere is created. very nice..
From: Lommy (Sun Sep 3 07:24:28 2006)
is that the light?
I love this picture ! thank you ;)
From: (Sat Oct 28 17:49:36 2006)
je t'aimme
From: emma (Sun Dec 17 17:30:38 2006)
I love the little orange glow in her neck
From: Elies (Tue Feb 6 15:01:18 2007)
This picture gets 100 points from me..
I think this is a beautifull picture.. thats the best word i can find..

this is my favorite of the work i saw on this site..

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