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slippery slope - femme elemental

slippery slope - femme elemental

From: me (Mon Aug 22 06:36:37 2005)
i'd like to go downhill
From: mana (Mon Aug 29 08:45:33 2005)
C'est quoi ca?
what is it?
From: the ultimate commenter (Sun Oct 2 06:33:35 2005)
ps. its good though... in a strange kinda way
From: jake (Wed Oct 5 09:21:48 2005)
Very cool concept and execution. Male or female? (One needs to know)
From: b3x (Sun Jan 15 15:51:52 2006)
I don't need to know, actually...i find the androgyny of it beautiful! (though i suspect male :P...)
From: (Fri Feb 3 02:08:03 2006)
Teacher in a graphic design elective mentioned the "S-curve".
Never heard of it before then.
Have never missed it since!
This model could be male or female
but my eye only sees the beauty in the curve.
Sensual but not erotic, lovely.
From: keiran (Tue Feb 14 21:52:54 2006)
wouldnt the title
"slippery slope - femme elemental" suggest female ?
From: b3x (Wed Mar 15 16:14:05 2006)
well, you see, i'm just not that bright. :p
From: Gerlof (Thu Dec 7 17:20:21 2006)
the Butt is the top, and if its female, i dunno whether to like or dislike the pic, the moist on her looks photoshopped*-)
From: [*]Terri-Lynn (Sat Mar 17 14:06:45 2007)
not trying to defeminize this woman ut the (im assuming) water o her back looks like hair and makes the picture seem very masculine

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