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finished by midnight

finished by midnight

From: A wanderer (Wed Sep 21 20:26:35 2005)
As a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanatic, this is a really amazing and yet distrubing picture...well done with the blood
From: the ultimate commenter (Sun Oct 2 06:36:43 2005)
this is great, love it. nice one artist
From: Kobold (Thu Oct 13 13:53:59 2005)
Ihr blick sagt nichts aus. Und das ist eine wichtige komponente, denke ich.
From: zil (Thu Oct 20 21:12:28 2005)
weird...she has my bangs...kinda loks like me too..>.>
From: Dragon (Thu Nov 24 07:05:30 2005)
wenn das bild eine klare information darstellen würde wäre es recht interessant aber so... nur ein bild mit einem vamp und seinem opfer nichts besoneres meiner meinung nach ...
From: bill (Sun Feb 5 07:23:24 2006)
it's a cool pictur but something is missing.something that could make it looklike real!but it's ok
From: Nicole (Thu Apr 20 11:33:48 2006)
waarom zijn dit allemaal bloed foto's?why are these pictures all whit blood?
From: Stumblin around (Mon Apr 24 18:11:40 2006)
What ever...
From: flystar (Sun May 7 11:03:31 2006)
no comment...more great than that it couldn't be
From: sara (Thu Aug 10 17:39:52 2006)
From: mietkiesia (Thu Oct 19 14:46:27 2006)
hm, i can't see she bited him.. and if this is the continues (seria), she bite his neck from not this side :)

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