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gothic cheer

gothic cheer

From: Hasenfratz (Fri Apr 8 16:51:06 2005)
Once again the eye, and off center to draw attention, it's wonderful.
From: somebody passing by (Mon Aug 22 06:01:22 2005)
the eye is great, but everybody forgets about the lips! She's a goth because of her cold, yet sensual lips and of her strange lost look.
From: carmen (Fri Sep 16 10:54:44 2005)
she looks like a lost soul
From: Another (Mon Sep 26 07:04:30 2005)
i have to agree, it's all in the contrast of lips and white skin - it's perfect
From: jake (Wed Oct 5 09:34:12 2005)
The leading lines are perfectly ambiguous. Overexposed face is the right treatment but less color would make the eye and lips stand out.
From: Eastenders addict(TMM) (Tue Feb 28 13:06:38 2006)
Is this really how goths cheer...
From: tiara bryant (Sat Dec 2 20:03:55 2006)
wateva it's straight it ain't all dat
From: mystic (Mon Apr 2 15:48:18 2007)
mysterious..yet soothing...courious...yet seductive....she looks right through photographer.

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