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hands - compel

hands - compel

Description : Please do not use this image without the permission of Kevin Thom.
From: Hasenfratz (Fri Apr 8 16:49:34 2005)
From: student (Wed Apr 27 21:08:27 2005)
It's so...majestic and compelling. The hands almost invite you to join them, or be them.
From: English Literature Student (Sun May 22 16:19:54 2005)
The arcs and natural curves are to me disturbing. They are reaching but not desperately, more like aspiring and climbing to an affinity.
From: Jean (Wed Jun 1 15:37:42 2005)
Hello. I love how the pose is going. I may not be a photographer, but I love to draw. I hope you don't mind me drawing them.
From: aaidaa (Thu Jun 2 13:58:29 2005)
those hands seeK something that is far away...
From: Sophei (Tue Jul 19 11:31:46 2005)
I'm going to draw them too!
From: phx (Sun Aug 7 05:13:51 2005)
I see we've moved over to spain... OLA, spanish dancer. look closer, two snakes, deep in combat... Two lovers, dashing forwards and backwards in lustful strikes.
From: Canadian student (Tue Aug 16 15:47:08 2005)
felt the passion and inspiration.
From: roxane (Sat Sep 17 12:43:15 2005)
everything good, the light and conceptbut there is sth wrong with a pose it could be sth symbolic
From: Camilo (Sat Sep 17 21:55:47 2005)
hi... I really loved your photo, I think it's perfect for my website... nothing commercial, I'm a computer science student, either way I would pay you... of course I'll add a link to this page and tell everyone how good photographer you are.

From: Tania (Tue Sep 20 13:54:10 2005)
i like the photo, even though its wierd, i think its brill, my dads a photographer but hes noware as good as u. keep it up!
From: anon (Tue Sep 20 13:55:51 2005)
rubish i could do better
From: billie (Tue Sep 20 16:48:53 2005)
but a bit crap
From: Amature Photographer (Thu Sep 22 17:03:45 2005)
I really like it, it's differnt, you really don't ususally see how beautiful hands can be, it looks very exotic almost like a bird of some sort.
From: tyler (Sat Sep 24 15:35:51 2005)
this is a picture of some hands... and that's it, you people are pathetic
From: marko polo (Thu Sep 29 03:57:59 2005)
well lit shot- thats about it really
From: Rosie (Fri Sep 30 19:47:07 2005)
Stunning, they are the epitamy of grace and elegance. There is truth but almost no logic. You have a beautifully insightful way of presenting the physical expression of the soul.
From: Clara (Sun Nov 6 14:14:35 2005)
oh, you're a perfect photographer, I love your pics. bye.
From: Virginia (Wed Dec 21 00:32:17 2005)
Your work it's just amazing.
I'm from Argentina and I got here surfing on the net. I have a collection of 10000 digital images, in general. Congratulations and keep on it, it's just a great pleasure to contemplate your art.
From: Laura (Mon Jan 9 08:08:39 2006)
I love the way that the light rests on the hands, is a really soothing photo
From: (Fri Feb 3 02:10:27 2006)
It is a frozen moment in a dance.
From: TMM (Tue Feb 28 13:03:06 2006)
Love the lighting used in this pic...nice job
From: lightgoddess (Sat Mar 4 10:36:12 2006)
um...the way i see it,it gives people light and hope,and looks like it never fails to save humans
i think you've done a brilliant job on it ,wat's the trick to drawing it?>
From: Amy-Louise (Sun Mar 5 11:37:02 2006)
This piece is stunning and just what i needed for my Art Course Work on Interlocking Forms thanks xxx
From: student (Tue Mar 14 21:32:31 2006)
stunning and perfect
From: helen (Wed Mar 15 14:31:24 2006)
your work deserves to be notcied. espically this peice, the lighting makes the hands look gracious. I've not seen a peice so beautiful in many years. well done
From: Nicole (Thu Apr 20 11:34:35 2006)
This iss really good!!!
From: mich lou (Tue May 2 07:01:12 2006)
this picture is fantastic. the use of light and shadow is great. wonderfull job
From: mark (Fri May 5 05:00:19 2006)
i like the way that the lower (Background) hand assists the shapes of the the more dominate hand (foreground)
i feel that this would not be a hard image to draw and i hope that everone that lays eyes on the picture art lover or not should exspand ideas on this peice of art!
From: flystar (Sun May 7 11:09:00 2006)
niiiii ma ce fain a iesit poza asta...
From: Melynda (Sun May 7 19:20:00 2006)
I'm doing a research project on Lupus and my organization is called Lupus's Helping Hand and I have to make a brochure and your phot is what i would like to use. It's amamzing!!
From: Amature Photographer (Wed May 10 11:39:33 2006)
Hands are the most beautiful part of the body, Kevin you're a genius!
From: Sophie (Wed May 10 11:41:57 2006)
sometimes the things we use unawares most often are the most beautiful part of us and no one knows it...
From: ella (Wed May 10 11:43:16 2006)
it's silencing...
From: poetrygurl (Fri May 19 07:52:12 2006)
i am writting a poetry book and this peice is exactly what i'm looking for. i love it it's very soothing. i am also a dancer the hands look so graceful. thanxxx a million. keep up the amazing work
From: imtiyaz (Tue May 30 10:27:19 2006)
When iam up..
Someone is down behind me..
When you work.. like this..
We are here to Apreciate you

Good Work Dear...
From: anon (Mon Jun 12 14:44:56 2006)
i am a physiotherapist with a special interest in the rehabilitation of hand me this photo captures the ideal, functional hands that so many of my patients aspire to and dream of having.
From: sarah (Tue Jun 13 04:48:00 2006)
BEAUTIFUL picture. May I use it?
From: hazel (Tue Jul 4 06:56:33 2006)
beautiful and artistic!
From: yvette marie (Thu Aug 17 09:50:12 2006)
I just love this photo. You have captured the visual essence of what I envisioned for my fledgling massage therapy "dog and pony show" business. May I use it? If yes, how do I purchase the image? You are awsome...
From: sammi gee (Wed Sep 13 06:43:57 2006)
i used this photo for my nail thingy bob at skwl tahank u
From: Jo-mari (Thu Sep 14 16:00:23 2006)
I love it! May i draw it?
From: ohh yeahh (Mon Sep 25 11:23:01 2006)
i like his drawing however the lightening is to bright in the background and i feel it takes away the beautiful curves etc away from the photo x
From: Malin (Sat Sep 30 07:51:47 2006)
From: a student (Tue Oct 3 15:35:24 2006)
i was looking at photgraphy using parts of the body. i found this picture amazing. really shows off the curves and delcate shapes of the arms and hands. i will be experimenting photography myself using hands. hopefully i will acheive something similar.
From: student (Wed Dec 19 11:22:12 2007)
I see two hands interlocking with each other. They are attempting to reach something, and are almost like a ladder to somewhere they desire. As two hands interlocking, it reminds me of a relationship between two people, as they journey together, reaching places they’ve never been before.

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