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From: Peter (Wed Mar 31 07:08:59 2004)
Kevin... amazing use of contrast. This should be a album or book cover. I would love a copy for my home.
From: Melanie (Sat Apr 23 23:19:28 2005)
Wow, this is absolutely beautiful. I think this should definatly be an album or book cover. I, too, would love to have a copy for my home. Fabulous.
From: graham f (Fri May 27 08:40:37 2005)
wow! this is beautifully amazing. the contrast is so good. should be an album or book cover. would love it in my house
From: aaidaa (Thu Jun 2 13:52:03 2005)
a great composition of light, colour and .. talent :)
From: somebody dreaming by (Mon Aug 22 06:12:34 2005)
My heart just pounds in her lips...
From: him (Mon Aug 22 06:13:21 2005)
love, she whispers...
From: Mel (Wed Oct 5 01:15:05 2005)
The pale lips make the picture. Shes so frozen and cold yet her mouth is so innocent and warm. I shall never wear lipstick again!
From: alexandra (Fri Nov 4 23:13:22 2005)
From: (Mon Feb 27 02:13:06 2006)
beautiful , clean and innocent! this should be framed for a cozy bedroom. love it
From: Stumblin around (Mon Apr 24 18:04:51 2006)
very Gaisha
From: flystar (Sun May 7 10:31:45 2006)
when you first look at her you think abaut innocence...but what does thouse lips crying for
From: Kostas (Wed Jun 4 15:19:28 2008)
Thank you very much,your site is perfect,
From: Demosthenes (Tue Oct 7 03:34:18 2008)
Nice article…,

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