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From: Hasenfratz (Fri Apr 8 16:46:39 2005)
I love this picture. Eyes are a wondreful thing to use in any sort of artistic medium. You did well.
From: Moe (Tue Apr 26 12:59:31 2005)
u r more than a Photographer ur photos are just great
From: Agramis (Tue May 10 02:23:40 2005)
Shouldn't it be the right eye?
From: anti-mason (Sat Nov 26 11:04:45 2005)
you are a freaking mason.. I hate masons.. go do some secret rituals .. you dont deserve to have a part in ruling the world.. you will all fail .. you and all your pathetic brothers... hades awaits you all..!
From: the watcher (Thu Dec 1 17:28:19 2005)
eno yad noos, modeerf lliw eb now.
From: YD the Anguish (Wed Dec 7 14:52:36 2005)
im a musician...i am infatuated with the illuminati as an organization and as a concept so i might borow a little bit of this idea but dont worry...ill shout u out
From: PinkSpirit (Tue Dec 13 06:43:43 2005)
It looks realy nice.
But why is it looking like the symbol of the illuminatis?
I can guess...
From: (Tue Dec 13 12:56:31 2005)
helllooo very nice picture....
Eyes are really beautiful, but TO GIVE IS THE BEST THING ON THE EARTH, ISN`T IT?!?!?!!!!
I am 17 years old, and I thing I have found my sense of the Life
From: (Tue Dec 13 13:00:23 2005)
I have two colours on my skin, because some pigments are burned down by the son.... have that anything to do with HORUS!?!?!?
I like him and the name.... I don`t know why.....
From: (Tue Dec 13 13:10:07 2005)
the illuminats..... I ask me if they are neutral....
and very intelligent...
and if they have a third Eye, that`s a methaper.... in their mind... I mean.... they think about all, a little bit different like the subjectiv human I think....
From: (Tue Dec 13 13:14:10 2005)
Knock...... knock

do you want to write me an email.... I think we will understand us..... one day soon.... I KNOW THAT YOU UNDERSTAND .... FREEDOM!!!!!
1.......2...(.)...3--(there I`m)
From: lightoyourpath (Fri Jan 13 00:46:37 2006)
sorry, but anti-mason, by chance you read this again, masons never tried to rule anything, it was the infiltration of the illuminati organization that gave them a bad rep. great pic to, deep
From: search (Mon Feb 13 08:33:14 2006)
I want to see the freedom
... the real freedom...
My live is without coulors...
and lying in chains....
and I have 2coulors on my skin

I will come and write music
the light and the ocean
>>> the love and the soul
From: hcres to_mod eerf (Mon Feb 13 08:36:50 2006)
I think the whole world live a illusion of a wrong live of force
nor freedom exist, only the money and more and more money and materialistic things
From: watching, waiting, understanding (Sun Mar 12 19:03:59 2006)
Why is everyone so caught up on the artist's connections to the illuminati. What his tendancies are, are no-ones business. I just like the piece for what it is, a great piece of photography
From: Severina (Mon Mar 27 15:07:38 2006)
Whatever your stance is, I appreciate your creativity. Very profound! Yes there are intelligent anti-Illuminists out here.
From: anon (Fri Mar 31 14:07:05 2006)
makes me think of the Da Vinci Code!
From: ikarus (Mon Apr 3 16:19:33 2006)
We live in a time when everything we do is watched under a tedious eye....some day there will be a time when that eye will make thier move and those of us that are prepared will have a better chance of survival......"None are more enslaved than those who truely believe they are free!!"
From: ikarus (Mon Apr 3 16:23:09 2006)
the divinci comment was not my comment i don't know how or why it posted my name post is the one after that one
From: (Fri May 5 02:58:34 2006)
Novus Ordo Seclorum.
From: mark (Fri May 5 05:06:31 2006)
stunning, highlights main focus on the face relly well would be a lovely picture if drawn.
From: realist (Mon May 22 01:41:40 2006)
all of ya'll are losers. why dont ya'll get a life and stop acting like theres some kind of conspiracy
From: Solomon "Naismith" Seagal (Tue May 30 17:08:04 2006)
Novus Ordu Seclorum, may the enlightened ones rile the world!
From: Lucidus Navitas (Sat Jul 15 03:44:29 2006)
genious. I'm a photographer such as yourself, and I must say, the evil eye, amazing. your work inspires me. Ave illuminatus! may the mythos of the world fall.
From: Illuminated (Wed Sep 27 12:30:48 2006)
yes, this is correct, illuminati only has one eye, the right one is for religion and fear of God, which they don't have, the left one is materialistic, money and world power, and that eye supposed to be popping out and bigger than this.
From: Malin (Sat Sep 30 07:54:03 2006)
From: FOX (Wed Oct 25 08:38:19 2006)
what is this
From: Laura (Sat Feb 3 13:09:31 2007)
Veramente bella!! La sensazione quella che lui osservi me e non io lui! :-)

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