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incisive action.jpg

incisive action.jpg

From: Chayan K. Deb (Fri Jul 29 13:49:06 2005)
Kaisaa Chutiya-panti chod raha hai ye model?
From: someone passing by (Mon Aug 22 05:53:05 2005)
This is Blade? this is a don't. Good technique tough.
From: Bosper (Mon Aug 29 13:10:52 2005)
waiked ! katana
From: émilie farmer (Thu Sep 8 23:48:02 2005)
good technic and love light effects, on the man ,is glass and on the ''katana''
From: Peter North (Sun Sep 18 21:14:27 2005)
This is a great photograph. The lights and the very position are impressive.
From: marko polo (Thu Sep 29 04:03:58 2005)
I think this shot shows the photographer is a bit messed up. Why do you wish to promote violence ?
From: the ultimate commenter (Sun Oct 2 06:40:53 2005)
violence in an immage can be an eccelent way to express emotion, i dont think this picture is wrong, verry affective, well done
From: monic (Mon Mar 27 16:21:08 2006)
WOW'this picture screem's profesional!
From: Stumblin around (Mon Apr 24 18:14:26 2006)
Very manly, I can feel his force. I like it a lot.

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