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misplaced heart

misplaced heart

From: matt (Wed Feb 15 09:26:55 2006)
is that a heart!!!! sick, but good
From: person (Sat Feb 18 13:56:37 2006)
if thats a heart thats nasty !!!!! what the heck is it ? gross but iteresting art!
From: (Sun Feb 19 07:30:19 2006)
Wow i think that is knew and special, i love it, it maybe a bit icky but hey its GREAT!
From: TMM (Tue Feb 28 13:11:50 2006)
Somebody give me a bucket...
From: liv (Wed Mar 15 16:26:04 2006)
yes, I guess this is how love can turn out in the end (sometimes).
From: Oceana, the Fallen Angel (Wed Mar 22 01:01:10 2006)
I love this shot, brings an idea to mind about the whole Valentine's Day. Wrighting your heart down on paper to give to someone who might reject you...
From: Oceana, the Fallen Angel (Wed Mar 22 01:02:45 2006)
... Its like wondering if your heart will shrivial up and die, or be pumped with a new-found reason to keep it pumping in the first place.
From: almalinda (Sat Apr 15 01:52:36 2006)
this is beautiful, in what i feel is an abstract way. it's far fetched, unconventional, but it works. Good job. (i also love the vampire pictures)
From: flystar (Sun May 7 11:15:47 2006)
what??!! no way .....some people need to know what thouse it represents??
From: Sara! (Mon May 15 14:42:01 2006)
I agree.
From: Pharma boy (Thu May 25 17:20:49 2006)
wow! i m usetoo to c heart surgury, pics and etc.. but this kind of image is amazing, i dont know where from photographer brings ideas..
From: cumalas (Thu Aug 24 10:51:57 2006)
Hey! I love this kind of art!! Great!
From: bloop (Mon Aug 28 10:05:13 2006)
gross for being gross and call it art!!!
From: anonimous (Tue Oct 10 12:33:18 2006)
From: Niki (Thu Oct 26 15:48:35 2006)

I'm writting you from Hungary!!
And I love your pictures!!
This picture is amazing!!!!!
I love it!!!!!!
Thank you!!!
From: Cheekycritter (Wed Nov 8 01:12:28 2006)
Valentine's Day Saint...intriguing
From: crazy one (Fri Mar 30 23:02:50 2007)
the best pic ive ever seen in my entire life... LOVE IT
From: Angel (Thu Aug 23 21:15:33 2007)
This picture is awesome, I totally understand how that is Great Job

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