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of cold comfort

of cold comfort

From: Sarah (Tue Jan 3 19:21:50 2006)
This girl is sooo beautiful!! You should really shoot more photos of her!! That's awesome work!!!
From: her mom cindra (Wed Jan 4 12:39:40 2006)
she's beautiful inside and out
From: Enfero (Sun Jan 8 13:29:04 2006)
Gorgeous! I cannot tell in words how beautiful this is. The lighting and the gentle touch between her skin and the red makes a great contrast. I love it!
From: liv (Wed Mar 15 16:09:05 2006)
I think the feeling this picture is supossed to express is disappointment, emptyness
From: salut (Tue Mar 21 08:19:35 2006)
cf mai???
From: motionless (Tue Apr 18 23:03:27 2006)
this picture is amazin, it takes my breath away everytime I look at it,so much emotion...great work
From: flystar (Sun May 7 11:22:31 2006)
imi place mult privirea ei...
From: Jamshaid Raza (Thu Nov 23 10:05:39 2006)
Very beautifull

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