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of warm comfort

of warm comfort

From: ... (Thu Jan 5 20:57:28 2006)
This is an outstanding and phenominal photograph, of both the artistic idea and the girls in it!
From: mark (Sat Jan 7 18:11:14 2006)
i love this photograph, i want to see more of these girls, such a unique look
From: Jean-François (Mon Jan 30 10:29:04 2006)
Something else than "comfort" comes to my mind. Great light. Thanks.
From: Anthony Smith (Wed Feb 8 23:19:31 2006)
This is a beautiful picture, the lighting is great, would love to see more of the girl on the left seems like she has potential.
From: Oana (Fri Feb 10 07:43:28 2006)
Indeed a warm conforth. It reminds me of what i'm feeling when i hug my sister
From: Izzie (Thu Apr 6 18:28:10 2006)
This piece is so beautiful i am close to weeping. I love it my words can't explain my feeling for this picture.
From: Passionaite Friend of The Dark (Izzie) (Thu Apr 6 18:50:18 2006)
Love it. You caught the emotion of love and warmth.
From: clemence FRANCE (Fri Apr 7 09:01:43 2006)
je ne sait pas en quelle langue l'écrire alors je le fais en farnçais!
j'ai trouvé ici de magnifique photo...
chacunes inspirent un sentiment, une émotion et c'est vraiment fantastique!
From: marine 15ans france (Tue Apr 25 15:51:14 2006)
je ne suis pas très douée en anglais alors je vais dire en français que j'ai trouvé ces photos magnifiques... elles inspirent une réelle émotion.
From: breaca (Sun Oct 1 15:53:06 2006)
beautiful photo. By far my favourite of the bunch.
From: Anchorage (Sun Jun 1 11:41:45 2008)
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