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From: Stranger (Tue Sep 20 19:33:04 2005)
Absolutely breath-taking
From: amy (Tue Sep 27 00:28:29 2005)
I absolutely LOVE this photo. AMAZING. All of your pictures are unique and well done. A few i could stare at for probably a half hour. keep doin whatcha doin
From: marko polo (Thu Sep 29 04:06:41 2005)
my granny has one of those paper weights!
From: Mel (Wed Oct 5 01:38:33 2005)
the lighting on his face is beautiful, I would have liked to see him without the jacket simply because his skin is perfect for this shot, though i understand why you choose to use it.
From: jake (Wed Oct 5 09:44:01 2005)
With everything else being symmetrical the jacket is a bit distracting. Pure skin would have worked.
From: Dragon (Thu Nov 24 07:12:46 2005)
the eyes wonderfull ...
From: Imran Ahmed (Sat Jan 21 15:59:22 2006)
i wish you to shout me
From: natasha (Mon Mar 27 16:31:40 2006)
I love how the light hits the face, as if he has found something precious from deep within. This ones a keeper!
From: Stumblin around (Mon Apr 24 18:16:10 2006)
This feels like a prayer. Very intense. Great face. I'd love to meet this guy.
From: Fidell Givanildon (Mon Feb 26 10:54:45 2007)
I like this is ligth, are perfect elabored*****

Very coolº

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