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outside your walls

outside your walls

From: wow (Fri May 6 18:37:49 2005)
beautifull picture, you do a wonderfull job a wish be a people like you in a future
From: Thomas (Thu Sep 8 16:54:23 2005)
you actually see your own shadow in te picture.... nice picture though
From: Mel (Wed Oct 5 01:35:04 2005)
love the jewel tones!
From: Dragon (Thu Nov 24 07:09:17 2005)
it looks unreal and i love it i m a fantasy freak and this pic is well done *emotionfull*
From: Imran Ahmed (Sat Jan 21 16:02:27 2006)
kavin you have a sparkling eye
From: Jean-François (Mon Jan 30 10:24:16 2006)
wonderful light, perspective, colors. Also, my favorite in your "glamour" album is the woman lying on an almond-green sofa. Thanks.
From: TMM (Tue Feb 28 13:08:53 2006)
shadow kinda brings it down... despite that, perfect!
From: tiara bryant (Sat Dec 2 20:05:48 2006)
wat diz suppose to be wow i'm scared
From: [*]Terri-Lynn (Sat Mar 17 14:10:40 2007)

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