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rebecca - tranquility.jpg

rebecca - tranquility.jpg

From: somebody passing by - Xavier. (Mon Aug 22 06:24:05 2005)
After looking at a few of your pictures, I can say bravo, you are lighting's best friend. And you know human nature. I love Rebecca without seeing her.
From: scorp (Sun Nov 20 20:49:14 2005)
This is my favorite. I'm looking at this website everyday, just to be in touch with all pictures added. But this photo is.. GORGEOUS. As you said, I love Rebecca too, whitout seeing her.
From: Katrine (Thu Aug 17 14:03:37 2006)
Just like it.. Its verry sad, and you can really feel that she is a sad person.
From: JAckson (Wed Sep 6 20:58:58 2006)
From: anonymous. =) (Tue Oct 24 09:31:42 2006)
it is beautiful and the picture a sensous feel to it. there is nice lighting and it seems very natural. GREAT.
From: amazed (Mon May 7 19:47:52 2007)
its soo natural
all theses pictures are soo well done
From: You are a strange man (Thu May 17 14:07:22 2007)
Why should I tell you?
From: Aby.S (Wed Jul 25 16:08:57 2007)
there's something mystical.. When I look to your pictures, I don't feel like they are juste picture on paper or on my computer.. But like they are right in front of me, like I cann see it, touch it and feel it.

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