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satisfy me

satisfy me

From: me (Mon Aug 22 06:38:42 2005)
(responding to the title): Whenever you want!!!
From: Mel (Wed Oct 5 01:33:05 2005)
a look of total yurning, I both sympathize and relate, but I dont care for the t-shirt shes wearing, its nice,but not for this picture
From: jake (Wed Oct 5 09:30:09 2005)
You know your addicitve personalities!
From: (Fri Feb 3 02:11:18 2006)
If she's really a gemini, she'll never be sAtisfied. HA
From: Eastenders addict (Tue Feb 28 13:05:07 2006)
Looks like me when i'm watching Emmerdale...hahahahahahahahahaha
From: I'M A GEMINI I LOVE THIS PIC (Thu May 4 14:05:12 2006)
I would like to post it

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