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sea of dreams

sea of dreams

From: Natasha (Tue Jan 31 22:38:29 2006)
Beautiful pictures.
From: Stumblin around (Mon Apr 24 17:56:44 2006)
I really enjoy the photos and this one is great. Very intresting. Thanks for sharing.
From: mark (Fri May 5 05:27:52 2006)
i feel that there is to much going on in this picture i think that the pink takes the colour from the face
From: lisa (Wed Jul 5 12:21:44 2006)
i dunno how you're doin' this but everytime i have a look at your photos i see so much in them...i connect them with feelings,the expressions are just're the best photograph i ever heard of!!!!!
From: dima (Wed Oct 4 15:29:53 2006)
wow,just perfect,amazing
From: mahmody of iran (Sat Oct 28 13:46:24 2006)
beautiful pic . I really enjoy
From: Beth (Fri Jan 26 14:38:48 2007)
is this done with photoshop?
From: D J P (Tue Mar 20 12:15:02 2007)
i very much so like this picture its like a dream or a fantacy, its great ;-}

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