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so hard to say goodbye

so hard to say goodbye

From: fairywings_kate (Mon May 23 17:27:38 2005)
I love the emotion in this whole photo, the eyes, the body language, the water adds a nice touch as well.
From: aaidaa (Thu Jun 2 14:01:50 2005)
quite sad photo...the water makes sadness stronger...
From: melie (Sun Jun 5 12:26:52 2005)
c'est une belle photo, bien qu'un classique du genre...
faisant moi même de la photo, je pense qu'elle aurait été encore plus touchante/émouvante en noir et blanc !
From: Estefania (Sat Jun 18 00:09:22 2005)
i like this photo a lot.. the expression of the eyes.. the hand.. the water.. all this things make being this photo.. Beautiful in spice of being sadness..
From: CHAD (Thu Aug 11 17:33:30 2005)
From: celia.smiles (Thu Aug 18 22:57:56 2005)
WOW! this is a beautiful picture. you have captured so many different emotions! well done. also, the droplets of water portray a more in depth feeling of sadness.
From: someone passing by (Mon Aug 22 05:49:38 2005)
This one is strong. Just strong.
From: Judith (Thu Aug 25 11:22:39 2005)
Ik vind deze foto echt geweldig, hoe kan men zoveel emotie in een foto leggen? echt geweldig!
From: yo (Fri Aug 26 04:00:31 2005)
la verdad, veo un sentido de miedo mas que tristeza. Pero si es una buen foto.
From: ian. (Mon Aug 29 06:33:52 2005)
your photographs truly are incredible and emotive. I love them. all of them, incredible.

I love them.
From: fallin away (Fri Sep 16 05:26:00 2005)
jail! at the same position !
I hate waitin!!
From: Vahid (Mon Sep 19 05:43:22 2005)
Love and soliyude and sorrow
From: Carla (Mon Sep 19 19:42:33 2005)
This image evokes a feeling of someone departing; either on a train, plane or aoutomobile.
It captures the emotions of a heart wrenching
"Goodbye". Love the artistry; strongly dislike goodbyes! Bravo!
From: ... (Sun Sep 25 18:20:48 2005)
good picture,i really liked it a lot, aveces me siento como ella/el lo que sea, and when i found something like that i wish i could talk to the person that's comig from... how can i do it?
From: marko polo (Thu Sep 29 04:00:08 2005)
someone let me out of the shower please- Im stuck!!!!!
From: the ultimate commenter (Sun Oct 2 06:03:58 2005)
wow, this photo has captured so much emotion, great, well done!
From: jake (Wed Oct 5 09:35:59 2005)
Should be the poster for the anti-war movement.
From: mim (Sun Oct 9 13:30:46 2005)
From: eyes tell every thing (Thu Oct 27 17:36:45 2005)
her eyes tells all her feelings and her loss its bautiful
From: Dragon (Thu Nov 24 07:08:06 2005)
i just say one : gothika the film!
From: (Sun Feb 19 07:28:53 2006)
hi, i love all of your pictures, they are so inspiring and artistic
From: (Mon Feb 27 01:46:43 2006)
poetic! the sadness n solitide is touching. the way the hand is held n , the look asking not to leave her ... oh god this picture talks volumes , volumes of poetry
From: TMM (Tue Feb 28 13:07:23 2006)
bit sad, aint it? know how she feels.
From: flystar (Sun May 7 11:13:55 2006)
it makes me sad when i look at her...why does she has to be like this??....does the rain needs to wash all her pain or it makes it more strong than that??...
From: imtiyaz (Tue May 30 10:19:39 2006)
The Fear in Eyes...
The Tears on Mirrors...
Catching up with your third eye...
Simply Amazing....
Great Work
Great Creativity...
From: sophie m (Wed Jun 7 18:20:05 2006)
absoluetly love it!!! captures raw emotion, title perfectly! keep up the good work
From: emma (Fri Jun 9 19:11:43 2006)
she looks like shes about to break apart, it's so sad.Beautiful, but sad...
From: lisa (Fri Jun 23 10:46:48 2006)
oh my god,when i saw this pic i almost started crying!it's very beautyful and so sad...the water even strengthens this effect...i love your arts=)!!!!!your photos are full of emotions and expressing something you cannot's awesome!
From: Emma (Mon Jul 3 15:35:36 2006)
This reaches out 2 me, i really like water and also the emotion in her face, it feels like the water represents her and her dreams slipping away and she is tryin to reach out to retrive them, its an amazing photo, one of your best, keep up your amazing inspiring work
From: [*]Terri-Lynn (Sat Mar 17 14:09:39 2007)
this picture is excellent i think everyone realtes to it in some way weather its the loss of a pet or a person maybe your favourite thing...i think its if only i knew how to spell that word:P

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