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the way i feel

the way i feel

From: aaidaa (Thu Jun 2 13:50:33 2005)
nice to see that men also can express their feelings sincerely:)
From: peter (Fri Jul 22 16:59:22 2005)
the way i feel, indeed. great and powerful picture!
From: phx (Sun Aug 7 05:03:09 2005)
if only clay could be transformed into human flesh...
From: Oana (Sun Aug 21 16:11:35 2005)
It's about body language. The fact that it's doesn't show his face and the way that he hold his arms...
From: jake (Wed Oct 5 09:06:27 2005)
Very nice texture and form
From: (Fri Feb 3 02:03:26 2006)
Love visual art that effectively evokes an emotional response from me.
You've captured my feelings and tomorrow may change but...i FEEL it!
From: Stumblin around (Mon Apr 24 18:03:23 2006)
WOW I love this one a LOT! A man with emotions.
From: pradip (Sat Sep 16 06:23:58 2006)
From: YA MOM (Sun Oct 15 15:56:50 2006)

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