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together forever

together forever

From: shall (Tue Jun 21 17:58:22 2005)
freaky picture, but really deep. good job
From: Leona (Mon Jul 25 03:51:31 2005)
wow that is deep...its like a vampire attacked them or something hehe. But I love it..its almost beautiful.
From: phx (Sun Aug 7 05:11:18 2005)
mortal was never enough for true love.
From: Mel (Wed Oct 5 01:26:52 2005)
I love the top half of this picture, the blood on her mouth is amazing. I could be wrong, but maybe if we saw more of his neck and jawline instead of his face. I donot know... He seems misplaced
From: me (Tue Dec 27 15:04:32 2005)
sorry, but isn't normal the bite is't n the same side between each pictures ? lol
From: alex (Fri Feb 3 09:27:21 2006)
i reall like this web site it helps ua gothics
From: Victor (Fri Feb 10 11:13:50 2006)
Me encanta esta foto, es triste pero real e intrigante. Muy chevere
From: liv (Wed Mar 15 16:19:29 2006)
I love his eyes, is like they hide something, some unknown thruth. We just have to find out what that is...
From: J (Thu Mar 16 07:56:20 2006)
she looks refreshed, fufilled. while he looks peacful and calm. it seems that this is maybe their first time in doing this, and hey look as if they enjoyed it. the concept of the picture is compelling while the lighting is beautiful. her pale skin and dark hair really make it look outstanding
From: student (Sat Mar 18 12:34:42 2006)
It's kind of cheesy, without the blood it would be an interesting photo. The blood says too much.
From: ShitHappens (Sat Mar 25 07:20:22 2006)
Puahha..Çok gördük biz böle resimleri(hehe kmse anlamijak ne dediimi)
From: Tia (Thu Apr 6 16:38:36 2006)
This is the best!She will not fall of my desktop!Great job!
From: Izzie (Thu Apr 6 17:59:06 2006)
Hey, You have natural talent.(NO DURR)your work deserves to be noticed, Its like when you like at something you see the beauty in it.
Awesome! Keep it up.From this i see you as a very passionaite Person. Well done.
From: Nicole (Thu Apr 20 11:31:44 2006)
Jtje, heej wat een enge foto..
maar ziet er wel cool uit, en egt heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel eng
From: Stumblin around (Mon Apr 24 18:12:41 2006)
Predictable from the previous pics...kinda unintresting.
From: Bittersweet (Thu May 4 11:55:10 2006)
this is just beautiful.
From: flystar (Sun May 7 11:08:20 2006)
between the devil and all the bitches...bloody all we have!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful photograph..
From: Syphz (Sun Jan 21 18:19:46 2007)
Pure Brilliance

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