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the water boy

the water boy

From: mickey87 (Mon Mar 7 14:51:46 2005)
oeh, I luf water :)
but how do you know it`s a boy...
From: Fire_elemental (Thu Aug 11 20:18:21 2005)
In the right moment... thats what life is all about... ns!
From: belzébuth (Mon Aug 22 06:10:38 2005)
What!??!? Strange and beautiful!
From: metz (Wed Sep 7 18:30:34 2005)
talk about catching the moment.
awesome :)
From: RCS (Sun Nov 13 10:34:53 2005)
This is too good. The water is just perfect. The effect is the best.
From: Alexa (Mon Apr 3 10:44:43 2006)
This is nice.Nice glass, nice water, nice flow...what is it?
From: beri (Mon Apr 17 17:29:47 2006)
the picture is beautiful ....but do you just call it "the water boy" i also see a woman the glass.....
From: beri (Mon Apr 17 17:31:18 2006)
oh i forgot the why..."but why do you...."...:-)
From: mark (Fri May 5 05:10:35 2006)
not as good as other images but would also take a lot of skill to capture. there is not really a lot that can be said
From: flystar (Sun May 7 10:38:33 2006)
From: Saďd (Sun Jun 11 08:43:54 2006)
never seen before, water from everywhere to finich in the glass, TRES JOLI MONSIEUR..
From: [*]Terri-Lynn (Sat Mar 17 14:04:15 2007)
in a word sweet!

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