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bayfront sunset

bayfront sunset

From: Gordon Davies, Ashford Kent uk (Fri Oct 14 07:43:33 2005)
A seriously amazing photo, even the moon looks great.
From: Rae (Tue Oct 18 04:47:26 2005)
Simplicity at its finest and more than likely anyone who sees this picture will be inspired to just allow his/her own mind to wander endlessly and still be enraptured time and time again
From: Alexa (Thu Nov 17 10:11:53 2005)
I am a photography student that is from Hamilton. Bayfront has never looked to good. Great colour and saturation.
From: Efrenk (Mon Feb 6 01:08:41 2006)
I'm from México and I saw your work... It's beautiful, you're a kind of god of photography.

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