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close to the heart

close to the heart

From: Amber M. (Thu Jan 12 11:54:13 2006)
Wonderful use of Depth of Field! Such an interesting subject to work with. I love the expression the squirrel is giving off. Great angle!
From: Nicole D (Sat Feb 11 10:35:56 2006)
I have to say that this is one of the most adorable of pictures I have ever seen.
From: sep. (Fri Feb 17 17:34:08 2006)
ohh soo cute
From: neha (Sun Feb 19 13:47:09 2006)
Wonderful moment caught in camera. Really nice work.
From: (vilita) (Sat Apr 15 16:30:56 2006)
a very sincere moment.. :)
From: sara (Thu Aug 10 17:33:39 2006)
so beautiful and so cute!!
From: Maren (Fri Sep 1 16:46:13 2006)
sooo sweet!! verry nice pics ! :)
From: Amorius (Fri Sep 15 21:12:16 2006)
So adorable!
From: Kat. (Thu Sep 28 14:45:34 2006)
Sooo cute. :) Very very nice pics :)
From: katie (Tue Oct 10 21:54:11 2006)
its amazing
From: martha (Sat Oct 14 12:40:44 2006)
hey I came from Poland and your photo are very interesting,but this photo is :) it's areally nice work.Good luck.
From: Pol (Tue Dec 5 13:19:36 2006)
Congratulations for your work.
Excellent photographs... all of them!!

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