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letting go

letting go

From: Margherita (Mon Mar 28 03:24:16 2005)
This picture moves me to tears in its beauty. The best interpretation of "letting go" that I have ever seen.
You captured Nature's message magically!
From: bahurudeen (Mon Mar 28 08:35:42 2005)
simply best
From: JDBS ( FROM LEBANON} (Sun Jul 24 16:47:05 2005)
From: Margaux ( France) (Tue Jul 26 07:08:21 2005)
j'étudie la photo , je passe mon C.A.P dans 1 an et vos photos m'aide , m'inspire. Celle ci particulierement est magnifique . Merci...
From: Anon (Mon Aug 8 19:20:16 2005)
Beautiful title. It speaks both literally and metaphorically of the mysteries of nature.
From: Vivian (Sat Oct 1 00:43:25 2005)
It looks gorgeous! I like the picture very, very much because of the colours and everything... =D I hope u'll let me use it for my blog's header.
From: Chezar (Mon Feb 27 06:35:56 2006)
That is just gorgeous!
From: Oceana, the Fallen Angel (Wed Mar 22 01:10:04 2006)
Letting go of loving family and flying to the unknown to make another...

Perfecting perfection...
From: (vilita) (Sat Apr 15 16:28:59 2006)
unbelievable view!!! it's difficult to fnd words to describe that beauty...

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