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magnetewan - marshland portrait

magnetewan - marshland portrait

From: Kaye Oss (Wed Sep 28 05:52:22 2005)
What a lovely picture.
You've really captured something here, and I don't mean you've caught the duck. The duck looks like it beholds a great secret, or something.
Interesting subject matter, presented in a different way than we're used too.
From: Sam LeGree (Tue Aug 15 10:59:26 2006)
I've never seen a duck that didn't make me smile. This fine specimen is no exception.
From: Sandra M (Fri Oct 6 11:23:47 2006)
Absolutely striking! You've made something so commonplace into a unique and notable image. Love it.
From: emma (Sun Dec 17 17:48:02 2006)
The duck seems so wise

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