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From: rola (Sun Mar 13 04:22:24 2005)
very nice contrast between the bright red and the dark background
the fact that its an old leave makes it sad to look at
an old age Maple leaf
i would call this image, the lonely leaf
From: aaidaa (Thu Jun 2 12:13:38 2005)
this leaf is exeptional from all other leaves because of it's nice red colour.
From: Luke (Mon Aug 8 22:44:27 2005)
This photo is deep, depressing yet happy feeling, Colours are amazing, A+ dude. Incredible Work
From: ra2k (Tue Sep 27 09:19:30 2005)
If I could give it a new name, I would call it "Autumn Blaze" or "Burned Passion"...
From: Sandra M (Fri Oct 6 11:25:45 2006)
A simple but notable image which says many things.

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