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seeking shelter

seeking shelter

From: aaidaa (Thu Jun 2 12:19:47 2005)
i appreciate this photographer because of his ability to show things which are not mostly seen for busy people. they just don't have time to stop and see. this photos make us stop and look what a wonderful things we have:)
From: Raj (Wed Jun 22 03:25:15 2005)
Excellent Photographs. I am not a nature enthusiast, but just came across these Pics and found them amazing!! Keep it up!!
From: Edit from Europe (Tue Jul 26 06:41:40 2005)
I know that we should be grateful for the nature we have for the Great Creator, Jehovah God. And I am thankful to see these pics about the His Creatures..These pics touch my heart.:)
From: Inanition (Sat Sep 10 19:16:25 2005)
This Photographer can take life and make it perfect.
From: Nuit (Sat Sep 17 14:10:23 2005)
I love every picture you took. They are all inspiring and beautiful! Keep on the great work!
From: DanielJames (Sun Oct 16 10:00:43 2005)
I love your pictures Sir. They are very beautiful, and make me feel something I can't explain. I love it.

God Bless
([-XeroNiNE-] @
From: Visormax (Mon Jan 2 12:28:44 2006)
peace of mind...
From: Oana (Fri Feb 10 08:11:26 2006)
I'm one of those drops
From: Adrian (Fri Jul 14 22:19:15 2006)
i cant describe it mate.....incredible...

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