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From: aaidaa (Thu Jun 2 12:04:38 2005)
this photo shows a nice author's ability to see small things:)
From: Aliza (Thu Jul 28 06:22:53 2005)
wot can i say...........except,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WOW
From: phx (Sun Aug 7 05:35:31 2005)
i watched beeltjuice last night... but! dont worry, this picture DOES NOT remind me of that movie... have you watched it? Its a Tim Burton film... random.
From: phx (Sun Aug 7 05:36:25 2005)
lets call this bug 'Beetleguise.'...
From: Madhavan (Thu Oct 6 17:44:36 2005)
Clear picture, keep it up

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