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wings of the forest

wings of the forest

From: lilsam (Mon Aug 15 05:34:19 2005)
I think all your work is amazing and I notice that your close up of the plants have no comments underneath but I think they're great. People don't realise how hard it is to get a good close up shot without losing focus. well done, i'm sure that one day everyone will know your name
From: James (Mon Sep 5 06:12:50 2005)
woo, luve ur work, if only there were more ppl like u who really appreciated the world and wat it really is all about, keep it up
From: Anastasia (Sun Sep 10 05:02:36 2006)
All of the pictures are fantastic, particularly of nature. I'm saving all of them to my computer, thanks for realising how great the world we live in is.

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