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battleship helsinki.jpg

battleship helsinki.jpg

From: Stranger (Wed Sep 21 01:20:09 2005)
I love how you took such an impressive peice of archetecture and contrasted it with the innocence of a baby stroller.
From: girlie (Fri Apr 28 17:38:23 2006)
the sky is a pretty picture in itself, itsn't it? Stranger is right....contrast, contrast.
This is an AMAZING picture. Who else would have thought of taking pictures of that scene in particular? dude...U ROK!
From: teachermuriel (Tue Sep 5 17:08:19 2006)
reminds me of battleship potemkin
From: girl from Finland (Sat Sep 30 13:58:22 2006)
Looks familiar;)! What got you to visit in Finland? Funny to see Helsinki from "outsider´s" point of view;)!

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