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helsinki - street music.jpg

helsinki - street music.jpg

From: Stranger (Wed Sep 21 01:21:04 2005)
I love how you framed him perfectly...
From: Felicitaciones!! (Tue Oct 18 20:44:02 2005)
Kevin haces un trabajo impecable y perfecto. Cada imagen está llena de vida, permite revivir la escena, como si estuviesemos allí.

Todos tus trabajos son excelentes!

Isabel - Caracas Venezuela
From: girlie (Fri Apr 28 17:42:04 2006)
the dimond frame makes the picture look unreal, while your mind is telling you that it is, indeed, real.
kevin, YOU are unreal!
From: Secret promisE (Sat Jul 15 07:06:27 2006)
I'm just blown away with the look of this violinist. He seems living with his violin and forgeting about the whole world around him. I'm crasy about violin and my dream would be that one day I'd have a picture like this of me (^^) Great job, my spirit's high ...
From: xuehli (Sat Oct 13 13:02:50 2007)
a wonderful life in music,we can hear the spirit,great job!
From: Bella (Fri Mar 28 13:57:49 2008)
Great photo- the framing/blur of the frame make the viewer focus on the violinist, better conveying his conviction.

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