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london - bridge to the past

london - bridge to the past

Description : "Millennium Bridge - London" Map
From: Stranger (Wed Sep 21 01:18:09 2005) this computer generated?? Becuase this is bloody amazing!
From: Madhavan from India (Thu Oct 6 17:49:20 2005)
Beautiful Unbelievable picture
From: girlie (Fri Apr 28 17:35:53 2006)
Everybody I know says that i talk too much, but I really have nothing to say here.
I It IS bolldy amazing!
From: girlie (Fri Apr 28 17:36:25 2006)
i meant bloody amazing...{{lol}}
From: Rinux (Fri Oct 13 15:29:44 2006)
great clouds....GENIAL!
From: Sythe (Wed Oct 18 13:21:02 2006)
From: Norwegian Girl (Thu Oct 19 11:02:52 2006)
Wow. That's one good picture! So close to perfection.
From: Bella (Fri Mar 28 13:56:03 2008)
This picture is absolutely amazing. You are a wonderful photographer!

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