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thailand 2005 bangkok rush

thailand 2005 bangkok rush

Description : lat=13.7218321044, lon=100.530874287
From: John Berube (Fri May 20 23:13:12 2005)
WOW cool how long was the exposhure?

good job!!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Jun 24 15:45:11 2005)
it was a 1/4 second exposure :)
From: Stranger (Wed Sep 21 01:10:16 2005)
God that's amazing! It just completely expresses the fast pace of the world.
From: Jean-François (Mon Jan 30 10:33:58 2006)
Yes ! First time I feel such movement in a photo (maybe the opposition between still and moving vehicles). Great !
From: girlie (Fri Apr 28 17:20:07 2006)
it sure shows how life is passing us by! If we don't take the time to really see how fast, we might be making the biggest mistakes of our lives...

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