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thailand 2005 beach soccer

thailand 2005 beach soccer

Description : lat=7.89148059551, lon=98.293086951
From: Juliana - Brazil (Tue Aug 30 08:27:32 2005)
Hey.. your pics are awesome! i also went to Thailand and i love that country... dont you?!
From: Jill (Tue Aug 30 20:21:18 2005)
this one is really good- it has a story, though not particularly with Thailand - just a story
From: Stranger (Wed Sep 21 01:11:39 2005)
Ah, the innocence of a child. It makes me think of being a child and walking on the beach in the sunset. This is gorgeous.
From: girlie (Fri Apr 28 17:18:24 2006)
you obviously love taking pics, and let me tell you, you sure have a gift.
keep it up, and the more inspirational, the better!
From: ScoTTt-B* (Thu Jul 6 14:57:49 2006)
I-Love-This-Pic...your eye for the moment is amazing...keep it up my friend!!!

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