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thailand 2005 call of the sea

thailand 2005 call of the sea

Description : lat=9.46138215939, lon=100.042681667
From: Jill (Tue Aug 30 20:23:45 2005)
this is a perfect shot for an ocan
From: Madhavan from India (Thu Oct 6 17:51:03 2005)
Nature is always good
From: m3tiss-lilly on DA (Fri Jan 13 16:28:12 2006)
Your work is amazing!
From: Imran Ahmed (Sat Jan 21 15:33:26 2006)
i think camaras are not enough without the sence of feel that you shown here
From: girlie (Fri Apr 28 17:24:50 2006)
beautiful. abosulutely beautiful. the open sky make you wonder sub-consiously if there is something more to our we just can't take it all in at at it's finest.
From: girlie (Thu May 4 19:15:34 2006)
your eyes just wander over the open blue sky...

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