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thailand 2005 - morning in the village

thailand 2005 - morning in the village

Description : lat=20.0496762152, lon=99.8214387505
From: Rebecca (Wed Jul 27 11:19:58 2005)
She's so beautiful and she doesn't know it, or know anyone's looking. I love this one!
From: Commando Wiggins (Wed Aug 24 09:57:54 2005)
I love her!
From: Stranger (Wed Sep 21 01:17:23 2005)
Her eyes look so angry to me.
From: none (Thu Sep 22 11:25:25 2005)
all are so great but mostly i like thise one
From: Jean-François (Mon Jan 30 10:54:05 2006)
Incredibly beautiful light and blue. Peaceful atmosphere, despite the wondering expression of the woman. Thanks.
From: girlie (Fri Apr 28 17:34:05 2006)
Rebecca is right, she may or may not know that anybody is looking, but anyone can see her inner beauty. It make you think, 'maybe the human race is more than what appears to the naked eye"....

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