view magazine best of hamilton ontario best photographer
From: Sammi  Sun Jan 21 12:02:58 2007
wow. i really want a print


Magnetawan - Waveform  
From: Zena  Sat Oct 7 20:46:00 2006
First time on your site. Amazing and truly beautiful photos. Would love to live where ever this place is!


From: b  Sun Feb 12 17:18:17 2006
wonder of natural world

From: wendy  Sun Apr 23 03:58:41 2006
Beautiful shot!
i try to get this sort of thing but always fail miserably

From: Arylkin  Mon Jul 17 12:44:53 2006
Your pictures are breathtaking!

From: Ashley  Fri Sep 15 22:46:19 2006
I love all of your work. The way you see beauty in nature is inspiring; hope to see more of your work around.

From: None  Fri Jan 12 04:50:42 2007
I'm really impressed!


From: Jean-François  Mon Jan 30 11:01:56 2006
Yes ! second emotion (after the "rush" i Thailand). Wonderful mixture of in- & out-of-focus. Great.

From: stranger  Sun Jun 25 09:52:02 2006

From: jackie  Mon Nov 13 15:37:24 2006
like a woman is crying !!! so lovely and sad

From: parkmegan  Wed Jan 10 22:52:23 2007
soft and gentle. fleeting. like the beginning of something wonderful, together with foresight of its end.


into the great wide open  
From: Stranger  Wed Sep 21 01:33:54 2005
I love how you can see the light through the plant.

From: shannon  Thu Sep 22 22:12:14 2005
i can't even begin to describe how amazing these pictures are. i only wrote on this one because it was the first one i could. thank you for your beautiful pictures, i am in absolute awe.

From: Jason  Thu Dec 15 10:34:28 2005
I love this one, it's so simple, yet the light is so complex. This picture alone always gets me in the mood to grab my camera =)

From: Robert Huston  Fri Mar 17 12:29:47 2006
Wow,great. Is this sy photoshopped?


sunset cruise  
From: phx  Sun Aug 7 05:32:19 2005
ja... how much would we have to pay for that kind of cruise!?

From: Stranger  Wed Sep 21 01:35:01 2005
Your titles are always adding to your photographs...they add intruige...and emotion, it's quite poignient.

From: Madhavan  Thu Oct 6 17:42:23 2005
So beautiful

From: dorothy  Sat Apr 22 17:48:27 2006
your photo of this bird is so beautiful you could almost picture yourself along side sharing the view it has

From: mscartman  Mon Apr 24 23:45:38 2006
Awesome dude. Beautiful.

From: Stranger  Fri Oct 6 15:14:40 2006
Thats amazing. I would love to be that bird

From: Sveta  Thu Oct 19 15:01:30 2006
woaw a well caught in the momnet photograph i think its amazing great talent


summer's demise  
From: fv  Sun Nov 7 09:05:39 2004

From: phx  Sun Aug 7 05:33:36 2005
And all the crunchy goodness one gets from All Bran Flakes... where was this leaf?

From: Stranger  Wed Sep 21 01:35:51 2005
How symbolic

From: Michelle  Mon Aug 21 09:57:43 2006
wow, I stumbled on this site in google. YOUR AWSOME!


From: aaidaa  Thu Jun 2 12:04:38 2005
this photo shows a nice author's ability to see small things:)

From: Aliza  Thu Jul 28 06:22:53 2005
wot can i say...........except,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WOW

From: phx  Sun Aug 7 05:35:31 2005
i watched beeltjuice last night... but! dont worry, this picture DOES NOT remind me of that movie... have you watched it? Its a Tim Burton film... random.

From: phx  Sun Aug 7 05:36:25 2005
lets call this bug 'Beetleguise.'...

From: Madhavan  Thu Oct 6 17:44:36 2005
Clear picture, keep it up


in wait  
From: Aliza  Thu Jul 28 06:23:57 2005
perfect representation of nature.

From: Deana  Fri Sep 23 12:16:47 2005
Who knew that a little frayed piece of a plant could be this beautiful?

From: Natsume  Sat Jun 17 00:39:09 2006
Hehe, I forgot how big ther eyes are. :) It's a very beautiful picture. Truthfully, I wish I had your talent. Keep it up!


From:  Wed Aug 11 11:50:53 2004
Nice, Very nice. Many many thanks to photographer. Its the best picture in my small life. I wish photographer success in future. and wish your best luck.


From: aaidaa  Thu Jun 2 12:07:23 2005
nice contrast with green and red:)beautiful and attractive piece of nature

From: Rani  Thu Jun 9 13:29:33 2005
Dots on stripes Wonderful

From: Aliza  Thu Jul 28 06:25:17 2005
i m impressed

From: Hot Flame  Sun Sep 11 11:36:05 2005
This is a wonderful piece of work, I haven't come across many wonderful things in my life, but I can certainly add this to my list! You are so talented, you can really catch the peace with your photography! I'm so jealous!!!

From: may  Wed Sep 21 20:44:23 2005
Very nice ..


melancholy autumn  
From: Troy  Wed Mar 9 17:22:03 2005
I think your Photos are incredible. Out of all the nature pictures, this is awesome!!

From: Luke  Mon Aug 8 22:42:29 2005
You've done it once again my friend, Amazing.

From: Loes  Mon Oct 24 11:42:53 2005

From: neha  Sun Feb 19 13:49:34 2006
Amazing pictures

From: YouKai  Tue Apr 11 12:48:49 2006
This images is really amazing, i love autumn and this one make me feel like a real vision ^^
Thank you for sharing this great piece
(the water with the colors are a prefect combination)

From: dirtyAngel  Sat Jul 29 13:57:06 2006
FOREVER AUTUMN :-< ........thank you kevin

From: guess  Sat Aug 5 19:51:49 2006
you should put more pictures of leaves they are really nice.

From: ori  Sun Aug 27 13:20:43 2006
spectacular photographs ive looked at all of these, i stumbled upon this one in google, i think ur great because these photos are incredible, and because nature can't pose color, symbolism, meaning its all perfectly put together to achieve something wonderful

From: Elizabeth  Sun Aug 27 22:06:29 2006
This picture truly makes me feel at peace. Nature is a beautiful thing and you have captured it all in this picture.

From: molly  Sun Sep 3 08:45:35 2006
amazing,i love autumn best

From: A friend from a far...  Mon Sep 4 15:57:45 2006
Fall is such a wonderful time! Your pictures are amazing . Keep up the good work.

From: megan s.  Sun Sep 17 21:24:51 2006

From: botanycreek  Sat Sep 23 16:31:01 2006
Beautiful work. Great composition and beautiful color.

From: bupp  Thu Sep 28 08:50:21 2006
i'd like to use this image on the front of our church magazine - can I?

From: kittymoomoo  Sat Sep 30 09:31:02 2006
totally wow how do find such beautys

From: sveta  Thu Oct 19 15:01:52 2006
this is truly beautiful

From: hamed forouzad from Iran  Thu Oct 19 21:51:52 2006
you are a professional , thank you Kevin Thom (:-)


From: aaidaa  Thu Jun 2 12:08:50 2005

From: lara  Thu Jun 2 12:24:14 2005

From: nesa69  Sun Jul 17 16:33:42 2005

From: Luke  Mon Aug 8 22:43:28 2005
This is my favorite, Beautiful.

From: Deana  Fri Sep 23 12:18:14 2005
This too is just wonderful. What kind of camera do you use?

From: i think its just the best......i love the bubbles!  Wed Aug 9 19:26:41 2006

From: sara  Thu Aug 10 17:31:29 2006
you have a gift! you really have agreat talent... keep taking fotographs, because they are amazing!!

From: theflying_boy  Sat Sep 9 16:39:01 2006
the blue color very wondrful

From: tnt  Thu Sep 14 16:00:48 2006

From: wahid  Mon Sep 18 06:43:31 2006
great pict!!

From: Rory  Sat Sep 23 09:42:50 2006
Your photographs are simply beautiful.
A commenter from Rome

From: Konstnärens Lillasyster  Mon Oct 2 12:38:26 2006
I can picture the leaf just swirling and twirling like nothing else matters(:
there's a spelling for that B-e-a-u-t-f-u-l..

From: Zena (Canada)  Sat Oct 7 20:51:39 2006
Mesmerizing.....feels like I am there and able to actually touch the leaf and bubbles. Love how natures colors blend together.


letting go  
From: Margherita  Mon Mar 28 03:24:16 2005
This picture moves me to tears in its beauty. The best interpretation of "letting go" that I have ever seen.
You captured Nature's message magically!

From: bahurudeen  Mon Mar 28 08:35:42 2005
simply best

From: JDBS ( FROM LEBANON}  Sun Jul 24 16:47:05 2005

From: Margaux ( France)  Tue Jul 26 07:08:21 2005
j'étudie la photo , je passe mon C.A.P dans 1 an et vos photos m'aide , m'inspire. Celle ci particulierement est magnifique . Merci...

From: Anon  Mon Aug 8 19:20:16 2005
Beautiful title. It speaks both literally and metaphorically of the mysteries of nature.

From: Vivian  Sat Oct 1 00:43:25 2005
It looks gorgeous! I like the picture very, very much because of the colours and everything... =D I hope u'll let me use it for my blog's header.

From: Chezar  Mon Feb 27 06:35:56 2006
That is just gorgeous!

From: Oceana, the Fallen Angel  Wed Mar 22 01:10:04 2006
Letting go of loving family and flying to the unknown to make another...

Perfecting perfection...

From: (vilita)  Sat Apr 15 16:28:59 2006
unbelievable view!!! it's difficult to fnd words to describe that beauty...


From: Sunira Moses  Sun Jan 16 19:32:31 2005
Cute. The colors are mesmerising.

From: John Iwasz  Thu Jun 9 08:30:30 2005
I like that you captured the dirt in addition of those shoots. It puts them in context.


From: rola  Sun Mar 13 04:22:24 2005
very nice contrast between the bright red and the dark background
the fact that its an old leave makes it sad to look at
an old age Maple leaf
i would call this image, the lonely leaf

From: aaidaa  Thu Jun 2 12:13:38 2005
this leaf is exeptional from all other leaves because of it's nice red colour.

From: Luke  Mon Aug 8 22:44:27 2005
This photo is deep, depressing yet happy feeling, Colours are amazing, A+ dude. Incredible Work

From: ra2k  Tue Sep 27 09:19:30 2005
If I could give it a new name, I would call it "Autumn Blaze" or "Burned Passion"...

From: Sandra M  Fri Oct 6 11:25:45 2006
A simple but notable image which says many things.


From: (vilita)  Fri Mar 17 14:37:10 2006
very attractive!! its one of my favourite. nice combination of light, colour and imagination!!


wings of the forest  
From: lilsam  Mon Aug 15 05:34:19 2005
I think all your work is amazing and I notice that your close up of the plants have no comments underneath but I think they're great. People don't realise how hard it is to get a good close up shot without losing focus. well done, i'm sure that one day everyone will know your name

From: James  Mon Sep 5 06:12:50 2005
woo, luve ur work, if only there were more ppl like u who really appreciated the world and wat it really is all about, keep it up

From: Anastasia  Sun Sep 10 05:02:36 2006
All of the pictures are fantastic, particularly of nature. I'm saving all of them to my computer, thanks for realising how great the world we live in is.


From: emma  Sun Dec 17 17:47:36 2006
I love the simplicity here... and the color.


magnetewan - marshland portrait  
From: Kaye Oss  Wed Sep 28 05:52:22 2005
What a lovely picture.
You've really captured something here, and I don't mean you've caught the duck. The duck looks like it beholds a great secret, or something.
Interesting subject matter, presented in a different way than we're used too.

From: Sam LeGree  Tue Aug 15 10:59:26 2006
I've never seen a duck that didn't make me smile. This fine specimen is no exception.

From: Sandra M  Fri Oct 6 11:23:47 2006
Absolutely striking! You've made something so commonplace into a unique and notable image. Love it.

From: emma  Sun Dec 17 17:48:02 2006
The duck seems so wise


magnetewan - starburst  
From: ra  Sat Sep 17 12:40:45 2005
perfect shot!

From: Jean-François  Mon Jan 30 10:59:04 2006
Nice opposition between in- and out-of-focus. Thanks.


magnetewan - summer fades  
From: Luke  Mon Aug 8 22:40:48 2005
This, This is an amazing photo i love it.

From: Martine  Sat Mar 11 05:55:05 2006
I love how the background lines contrast so with the smooth texture of the bright leaf. Very nicely done... Beautiful one!


magnetewan - watchful wings  
From: Muy bonita foto  Fri Jun 17 15:37:16 2005
muy bonita foto

From: nesa69  Sun Jul 17 16:42:14 2005

From: Daniel  Sun Jul 24 09:29:39 2005
Nice shot !

From: A.Thivyanathan  Fri Aug 5 03:53:58 2005
i see the photograph which is very much real and wonderful. It reveals the talent of the photographer.

From: Shadow  Thu Aug 18 23:00:28 2005
u've got real brainvawes!

From: saran   Sun Sep 4 01:38:35 2005
Picture really speaks the real beauty of nature , the gift human .....

From: venkatpsubbu(hosur)  Tue Sep 6 13:25:02 2005
lovely shot. i appreciate the grapher.

From: Dereek  Wed Sep 7 12:23:09 2005
wow!!! i like it!

From: meena  Mon Sep 12 07:36:26 2005

From: ruthie  Sat Sep 17 12:31:42 2005

From: Good  Tue Sep 27 07:07:50 2005

From: dell  Thu Sep 29 17:04:07 2005
can i use your image to my website.

From: ganesh  Fri Sep 30 23:03:01 2005

From: moni  Mon Oct 10 04:34:23 2005

From: november rain  Mon Nov 7 07:44:52 2005
This is awe inspiring picture..looks like something i've seen a hundred times yet looks like i've never seen it before...

From: Lordpryce1  Sun May 14 22:19:49 2006
Man that would make a great painting

From: Susan LeGree  Tue Aug 15 11:02:30 2006
I can almost feel the softness of its feathers!

From: Heidi DK  Sat Oct 14 09:45:26 2006
I like the photo - but I think it would be even nicer if you didn't edited it so much - it looks fake, and I think what is beautiful about a picture is when it is so good, that you don't have to edit it.

From: iulia   Mon Oct 16 07:14:47 2006
merveilleuse !!!!


seeking shelter  
From: aaidaa  Thu Jun 2 12:19:47 2005
i appreciate this photographer because of his ability to show things which are not mostly seen for busy people. they just don't have time to stop and see. this photos make us stop and look what a wonderful things we have:)

From: Raj  Wed Jun 22 03:25:15 2005
Excellent Photographs. I am not a nature enthusiast, but just came across these Pics and found them amazing!! Keep it up!!

From: Edit from Europe  Tue Jul 26 06:41:40 2005
I know that we should be grateful for the nature we have for the Great Creator, Jehovah God. And I am thankful to see these pics about the His Creatures..These pics touch my heart.:)

From: Inanition  Sat Sep 10 19:16:25 2005
This Photographer can take life and make it perfect.

From: Nuit  Sat Sep 17 14:10:23 2005
I love every picture you took. They are all inspiring and beautiful! Keep on the great work!

From: DanielJames  Sun Oct 16 10:00:43 2005
I love your pictures Sir. They are very beautiful, and make me feel something I can't explain. I love it.

God Bless
([-XeroNiNE-] @

From: Visormax  Mon Jan 2 12:28:44 2006
peace of mind...

From: Oana  Fri Feb 10 08:11:26 2006
I'm one of those drops

From: Adrian  Fri Jul 14 22:19:15 2006
i cant describe it mate.....incredible...


fuzz rocket  
From: Wayne Thom  Fri Dec 30 19:08:44 2005
He is not FUZZ. He is STYLE


bumper to bumper  
From: k  Tue Oct 10 21:52:59 2006
wow, this is truly the cutest duckling picture I have ever seen! I love it!


ice cream float  
From: soph  Thu Jan 5 07:21:58 2006
gotta love the title *giggle*


close to the heart  
From: Amber M.   Thu Jan 12 11:54:13 2006
Wonderful use of Depth of Field! Such an interesting subject to work with. I love the expression the squirrel is giving off. Great angle!

From: Nicole D  Sat Feb 11 10:35:56 2006
I have to say that this is one of the most adorable of pictures I have ever seen.

From: sep.  Fri Feb 17 17:34:08 2006
ohh soo cute

From: neha  Sun Feb 19 13:47:09 2006
Wonderful moment caught in camera. Really nice work.

From: (vilita)  Sat Apr 15 16:30:56 2006
a very sincere moment.. :)

From: sara  Thu Aug 10 17:33:39 2006
so beautiful and so cute!!

From: Maren  Fri Sep 1 16:46:13 2006
sooo sweet!! verry nice pics ! :)

From: Amorius  Fri Sep 15 21:12:16 2006
So adorable!

From: Kat.  Thu Sep 28 14:45:34 2006
Sooo cute. :) Very very nice pics :)

From: katie  Tue Oct 10 21:54:11 2006
its amazing

From: martha  Sat Oct 14 12:40:44 2006
hey I came from Poland and your photo are very interesting,but this photo is :) it's areally nice work.Good luck.

From: Pol  Tue Dec 5 13:19:36 2006
Congratulations for your work.
Excellent photographs... all of them!!


From: diana  Wed Jun 28 16:00:01 2006




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