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From: noix  Fri Oct 1 14:08:30 2004
stunning & breath taking!!


From: Ravi -  Wed Dec 3 04:21:13 2003
Hesi, she's one of most prettiest girl ever i seen, and to concern this shot. the composition, and the toning are really impressive, and yet so the best headshot in here so far m.^_^.m


From:  Tue Nov 2 15:21:48 2004
They are both very beautiful
and very attractive


From: Smitty  Fri Sep 3 07:14:29 2004
Classic Shot... Looks Great!

From: Christina  Wed Dec 15 16:30:31 2004
Best portrait I've seen in a long time. Very nice model.


jen elemental  
From:  Sun Aug 8 19:41:25 2004


From: Lacey  Fri Jan 7 23:18:17 2005
Awesome composition. The colors are vibrant and striking. She is so mysterious and yet inviting. I have fall in love with the picture. Wonderful.

From:  Mon Mar 14 08:21:58 2005
She's so cool !


half power  
From: gb  Wed Mar 30 06:14:38 2005
great perspective


From: gb  Wed Mar 30 06:15:28 2005
shudn't a dark background look good?

From: Amie  Tue Apr 5 12:37:52 2005
I think the white background is needed...thusly Purity. The contrast between the title and the piercing is wonderful


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